'Suits' Just Made a Cheeky Reference to Former Star Meghan Markle's New Royal Role

It's been over a year since Meghan Markle last appeared on Suits, but the USA network show updated viewers on what her character's been up to on Thursday's season 9 episode

Meghan Markle may not be watching Suits after leaving the USA network series, but if she happened to tune into Thursday’s episode, she would have seen a cute nod to her new royal life.

In a hilarious bit of dialogue, the Duchess of Sussex‘s onscreen husband Patrick J. Adams updated viewers on how her character, Rachel Zane, has been doing since the pair moved to Seattle to start their own law firm.

Asked, “How’s Rachel?” Adams (as lawyer Mike Ross) said, “Good. In fact, if I told you how good, you probably wouldn’t believe me.”

The gag was later tweeted out by Suits‘ official Twitter account. “Turns out Rachel is doing REALLY well” they wrote, with a GIF of the moment.

It’s been over a year since Meghan last appeared on Suits.

Though she was one of the original cast members on the show — which first aired in June 2011 — and was featured in 107 episodes, Meghan exited her role in April 2018 at the end of the show’s seventh season with an onscreen wedding before tying the knot with Prince Harry in real life.

She also confirmed that she would no longer be acting.

“I don’t see it as giving anything up. I just see it as a change,” she said in her first joint interview with Prince Harry in November 2017.

“It’s a new chapter, right? And also, keep in mind, I’ve been working on [Suits] for seven years. We were very, very fortunate to have that sort of longevity on a series,” she said, adding, “I’ve ticked this box, and I feel very proud of the work I’ve done there, and now it’s time to work with [Harry] as a team.”

“I think what’s been really exciting as we talk about the transition out of my career and into my role is the causes that are really important to me that I can focus even more energy on,” she said. “Very early out of the gate, I think you realize you have access or a voice that people are willing to listen and with that comes a lot of responsibility, which I take seriously.”

<a href="https://people.com/tag/meghan-markle/" data-inlink="true">Meghan Markle</a>, Patrick J. Adams
Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams. Shane Mahood/Getty Images

Since then, Meghan hasn’t looked back.

Last September, during an appearance at the Coach Core Awards, the L.A.-born actress admitted she hadn’t watched Suits since leaving the show.

Meghan has stayed in touch with her former cast members though, even inviting several of her Suits costars to her royal wedding.

The show creators also expressed their happiness upon the news of her engagement.

“From all of us at USA Network and Universal Cable Productions, we want to send our most heartfelt congratulations to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on their engagement,” the statement read. “Meghan has been a member of our family for seven years and it has been a joy to work with her. We want to thank her for her undeniable passion and dedication to Suits, and we wish her the very best.”

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