The king and queen step aside to let their sweet daughters take the spotlight
Credit: PPE/Thorton

Even the universally admired style power of Spain’s King Felipe and Queen Letizia is no match for their young daughters’ double dose of cuteness.

So it was no question that Princess Leonor, 10, and her younger sister Princess Sofia, 8, should take center stage on the Spanish royal family’s new Christmas card.

The sweet picture showcases the young royals smiling as they hug each other in a darling cheek-to-cheek embrace.

“Every day there’s a reason for hope and harmony in our hearts. The ideal Christmas illuminates that path,” reads the king’s handwritten message inside of the card above the royal family’s signatures, according to the Spanish Royal Palace.

It’s not the first time that the young princesses have appeared together in royal family photographs.

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During the summer, the fashionable family went for a laidback look for a family photo shoot in Majorca.

And earlier this year, Princess Leonor, the heir apparent to the Spanish throne, showed up on her own stamp. According to the Spanish post office, the stamp will be on sale at official outlets until the end of the year.

The Spanish royal family is the first European royal house to make their 2015 Christmas cards public.

Last year’s card featured two images from the June 2014 coronation of King Felipe, one of the newly-crowned king and wife Letizia with their two daughters, and one of the royal couple waving to Spain’s citizens from the central balcony of Madrid’s Royal Palace, taken soon after Felipe VI was proclaimed king.