Sophie Wessex Embarks on 450-Mile Bike Ride: 'My Father-in-Law Definitely Thinks I'm Mad – as Does the Queen'

Sophie, Countess of Wessex is ready to hit the road!

Sophie Wessex

Super-fit royal mom Sophie, Countess of Wessex embarked on a 450-mile bike ride Monday, and she’s got the support of the royal family behind her – even if they don’t entirely understand it!

Sophie quipped that there were “certain members of the family who think I’m completely crazy.”

“I think my father-in-law definitely thinks I’m mad, as does the Queen – but I know they understand why I’m doing it,” she told Hello! magazine.

The royal mom of two, 51, was cheered on by her husband Prince Edward and father-in-law Prince Philip from Holyroodhouse in Scotland. Sophie took off with a small team of servicemen and women to make the week-long ride south from Edinburgh, Scotland, to London.

The aim of the grueling charity ride is to raise money and awareness for the Duke of Edinburgh Award’s Diamond Challenge in honor of its 60th anniversary. The DofE is one of the world’s leading youth achievement awards, giving millions of 14-to 24-year-olds the support to fulfill their dreams.

Just before she pushed off, Sophie told reporters, “Standing here right now, I am very nervous. The prospect of the 450 miles is pretty daunting.”

Because it’s a school day, her children – Lady Louise, 12, and Viscount Severn, 8 – were not able to see her off, but they will be there at the finish line at Buckingham Palace on Sunday.

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“Louise, being a little bit older than James, understood quite early on that it was going to require a high level of commitment,” she told Hello!.

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“They didn’t realize quite how much commitment it was going to require and, in fairness, neither did I. They have both been pretty good with it, but there have been moments where they’ve said, ‘Oh, you’re not going for a bike ride, Mummy?’ How long is this one going to be?’ ”

Sophie began training for the ride in February, biking up to 70 miles a day in the winter weather.

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