See Prince Harry Recreate Mom Princess Diana's 1995 Charity Photo (Crossed Arms and All!)

Prince Harry posed for the photo almost 22 years after his mother smiled for the very same shot

Photo: Geoff Pugh/WPA/Getty

Prince Harry posed for a photo on the steps of a hostel in London on Thursday — almost 22 years after his mother, the late Princess Diana, smiled for the very same shot.

After a brisk run with members of The Running Charity — the U.K.’s first running-orientated program for homeless and vulnerable young people — Harry spent the afternoon at the Willesden Green hostel, which was opened by Diana in 1995.

When he arrived, he passed by the picture of his mother with a group of young people on a flight of stairs. He and members of the charity then recreated the same shot — down to Prince Harry’s crossed arms, exactly like his mother’s.

Geoff Pugh/WPA/Getty

Martin Houghton-Brown, the U.K. chief executive of the Depaul group of hostels, said the Willesden Green hostel was opened by Diana in June 1995.

“She really connected with the young people, and returned in a private capacity to play ball games with them,” he said.

Prince Harry has followed in his mother’s footsteps when it comes to supporting people in need. In addition to his Invictus Games, which helps injured veterans achieve new goals via sporting competition, Prince Harry regularly stands up for sports-oriented charities for children and young people across the U.K.

“The prince observed that a lot of young people who use our charities have been let down in the early stages of life and that their success is defined by how they pick themselves up,” said Alex Eagle, founder of The Running Charity.

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