The two fly off on a delayed vacation, only Palace sources will not say where

By Simon Perry
Updated May 10, 2011 06:20 AM
Credit: John Stillwell/Getty

After a week in which the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went back to work (him) and hit the local shops (her), the newlyweds are now doing something more traditional – they’ve headed off on honeymoon.

On Tuesday, the Palace confirmed to PEOPLE that the couple have headed off on their romantic vacation. It is thought that William, 28, has two weeks leave from his duties with his RAF Search and Rescue squadron, with whom he helped rescue several people in the mountains of Wales.

Sources at the Palace will not cite the newlyweds’ destination. A spokesman states, “The couple have asked for their privacy to be respected during their honeymoon.”

The royal duo had announced that they were delaying their trip and instead left Buckingham Palace a day after their April 29 wedding for a “mini-moon” at an undisclosed destination in the U.K.

The British tabloids are speculating that they’ve gone to the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. Per tradition, the destination was reputedly kept secret from the bride.