Queen Elizabeth II wears a bright primrose dress to match her sunny mood

By Kate Hogan
Updated April 29, 2011 08:45 AM

Just call her Mellow Yellow.

Queen Elizabeth, who simply could not stop smiling as she watched her grandson, the Duke of Cambridge, marry Catherine Middleton (now Duchess of Cambridge), looked prim, proper and bright in her pale yellow ensemble at Friday’s Royal Wedding.

The queen, who turned 85 earlier this month, wore a single-crepe wool primrose dress with hand-sewn beading at the neck, emulating sunrays, a perfect complement to her sunny outlook.

Over her dress, she sported a matching double-crepe wool tailored primrose coat. The look was designed by Angela Kelly, the Queen’s personal assistant and senior dresser.

Kelly also designed the Queen’s hat, a crepe topper accented with handmade silk roses and matching apricot-colored leaves.

Kelly, who has been one of the Queen’s right-hand women for quite some time, spoke to U.K.’s Telegraph in 2007 about her role. “She is not ‘my’ Queen, she is everyone’s and so I have to share her,” Kelly said. “Once she has chosen something to wear, I just want her to look good in it.”

The Queen, who lent bride Kate a glimmering tiara for her big day, also wore some sparkling gems of her own, including Queen Mary’s “True Lovers Knot” brooch.