Yui Mok - WPA Pool/Getty Images
May 21, 2018 05:01 PM

Kensington Palace released a set of official royal wedding portraits from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s big day on Monday, but the one photo fans have been loving since Saturday remains an aerial shot of the happy couple in their carriage leaving St. George’s Chapel.

U.K.-based Press Association photographer Yui Mok captured the sweet moment and explained how he captured the picture.

“I was positioned on the roof of George IV Gateway of Windsor Castle, and they passed directly beneath me during their carriage procession,” Mok wrote on Twitter Saturday, adding in another tweet, “I had less than a one-second window to take that particular shot – whilst having to focus through a metal grill I was standing over –so was happy to get anything really!”


When a Twitter user pointed out that the newlyweds seemed to form a heart, Mok called the phenomenon, “Purely coincidental.”

Mok also shared some specifics of the gear he used to get the beautiful image: “For that shot I used @CanonUKandIE 1Dx Mk2 camera and a 70-200mm lens. For other shots I had the @CanonProNetwork 600mm F4 (which is actually quite light for its size – just as well as I had to handhold it a lot of the time!) Drones would never have been allowed anywhere near.”

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While Harry, 33, and 36-year-old Markle’s big day yielded several unforgettable moments, Mok said he actually kept things controlled behind the camera, admitting, “I actually took WAY less photos than I usually do on a major job!”

Mok added that he let out a “big sigh of relief” after capturing the shot social media fell in love with, and made sure to point out that none of his images from the wedding were digitally changed in any way.

“I never alter anything in my pics and as a policy neither does @PA, Mok tweeted on Sunday. “I can’t speak for other media, who may change things after receiving our photos, but what you see is what you get!”

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