Was Meghan Markle Inspired by Jennifer Lopez's 'The Wedding Planner' for Her Gown?

Some Internet users took to social media to compare Meghan's gown for her nuptials to Prince Harry to a look Lopez wears in The Wedding Planner

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Meghan Markle‘s dress to wed Prince Harry has some royal wedding watchers feeling déjà vu for a very different kind of marriage ceremony: the one for Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner.

“I didn’t like Meghan Markle’s dress as much as I wanted to until I saw this,” writer Amy Odell posted on Instagram on Saturday, with side-by-side shots of Meghan’s three-quarter sleeved white gown next to the dress Lopez wears near the end of her 2001 romantic comedy. The comparison also made the rounds on Twitter.

Some commenters agreed with the Odell-observed likeness between the looks, which feature similar necklines and vertical seams. “I saw this too,” one user wrote on Odell’s post while another commented, “I KNEW it seemed familiar.”

Not everyone was so sure, though, with one commenter writing, “Meghan is way better.”

(And, in the biggest difference: Lopez’s character dresses for a wedding she does not actually finish, ultimately choosing Matthew McConaughey‘s character over her fiancé, played by Justin Chambers.)

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Neither Lopez nor Meghan — still amid her post-wedding weekend — has mentioned the discussion. Clare Waight Keller, the British designer and Givenchy artistic director behind Meghan’s dress, told reporters it was meant to capture both “timeless” elegance and, in some of its details, a “refined modernity.”

Meghan gave Waight Keller the job in January. “It was an extraordinary moment when she told me,” Waight Keller said on Sunday. “It was an incredible thing to be part of, such an historic moment and, in fact, to have the opportunity to work with her.”

The creative process itself evolved through “very collaborative” conversations and sketches and fittings, Waight Keller said.

She said of Meghan: “She is just exactly what you see on TV. She is just so genuine and warm and radiant. She is just glowing. And she’s a strong woman. She knows what she wants.”

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