Royal Wedding Guests to Get Bacon Butties Late Night

Prince William's best man will be serving bacon butties – a British favorite

Photo: Mike Roberts NYC

Long after the canapés, champagne and cake have been consumed, the royal wedding guests left standing can look forward to one more unique treat.

The newly married Prince William‘s brother and best man, Prince Harry, is said to have planned a late night post-wedding breakfast for royal revelers that includes “bacon butties.”

Never heard of the delicacy?

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It’s a bacon sandwich, and the Brits apparently take it seriously, the The New York Times reports, with some chefs going as far as to test out various preparations.

The best ones, according to the cited study, are made with “crisply grilled, not-too-fat bacon between thick slices of white bread.” Check out a recipe here.

Now one question remains: Will the Duchess of Cambridge partake?

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