Princess Kate Says Visiting the Taj Mahal Was the 'Perfect' Thing to Do Before Wedding Anniversary: 'She Was Quite Happy About It'

The couple's tour guide said Kate got "quite emotional" during their visit

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty

The Taj Mahal is the perfect romantic place to come just before Prince William and Princess Kate‘s wedding anniversary, Kate said during her tour of the iconic building on Saturday.

Tour guide Rizwan Mohammed, 35, said he wished them a happy 5th wedding anniversary “they were shocked that I know about it, but you know, the Internet” but “then she said this is the perfect thing to do before their wedding anniversary [April 29]. She was quite happy about it.”

Asked if it was a “romantic day for them,” he said “absolutely.”

They were fascinated “by the story of the king and the queen” and the love that made him build the monument to her. And Kate got “quite emotional when she came to know that the queen died at the very young age of 39.

“She said ‘she really deserves this kind of building as they were madly in love with each other.’ The prince was laughing.

“They were down to earth, very casual,” Mohammed added. “They were so, so easy to talk with them. For me, I was quite nervous but they were very normal, down to earth. Specifically the duchess, she was very enthusiastic about how this was built.”

“She was asking about the inscriptions and what they mean.”

He added, “They were quite fascinated how it was done four centuries back, especially the lady. She was quite fascinated about the skills of those people and did they do it without using any modern tools and techniques.”

Mohammed was selected to give the tour by British High commission. He’s worked at the Taj Mahal for 15 years.

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He added that they didn’t say anything about Princess Diana, who famously visited the Taj Mahal in 1992 and sat on the now-famous “Diana bench.” But he did tell them about the bench and added, “She was beloved so much in the whole of India.”

The couple’s visit to the Taj Mahal marks their last official duty during their week-long tour of India and Bhutan.

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