Not that we can blame him

By Diana Pearl
December 29, 2015 03:05 PM
Mark Cuthbert/UK Press/Getty

Playing for the chance at a world championship would give anyone jitters.

But for England’s one-time rugby captain Mike Tindall – husband of Prince William and Prince Harry’s cousin, Zara – taking on rugby competitors was nothing compared to meeting his wife’s grandmother for the first time!

In a new interview with Sydney’s The Sunday Telegraph, Tindall recounts his first meeting with the matriarch.

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“The first time you sit next to the Queen at a dinner table, it is a nerve-wracking experience,” he shares.

But it wasn’t just the Queen – really, the whole family made Tindall a little anxious.

“When you first meet the family at social occasions, it is intimidating,” he continues. “I stayed quiet for a long time.”

However, four years of marriage to Zara has helped calm the athlete’s nerves.

“You do get used to it over time, but the trickiest part is the beginning when everything is new,” he says. “All the protocols, they re a little daunting.”

Playing in the 2003 World Cup – which England won – on the other hand, was nothing; he “really enjoyed it,” according to The Telegraph.