The royal family famously exchanges silly presents in Sandringham

By Maria Mercedes Lara
Updated December 21, 2015 01:55 PM
Credit: Getty

What do you give the family that has everything for Christmas? Well, if they’re the royal family, the cheaper and cheesier, the better.

It’s widely known that Queen Elizabeth II and her family prefer to forgo extravagant and luxurious baubles when they exchange gifts on Christmas Eve in Sandringham. “The crazier and the more quirky is what they love,” Princess Diana‘s former chef Darren McGrady previously told PEOPLE. “It’s not about something really amazing or a Cartier watch.”

However, the rules might seem strange to some. According to McGrady, during one of her first Christmases with the royals, Diana gifted the family cashmere sweaters (which would be a welcome gift to nearly everyone else) but was upset when her presents didn’t go down as planned. “They don’t do that,” McGrady said.

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So, what have the royal family racked up in Christmases past? They don’t publicly disclose their presents, but reports have come out over the years. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Prince Harry appears to give the best gag gifts but Princess Kate has done her best to keep up with him with silly exchanges.

Read on to see the list of the most surprising royal Christmas gifts – that we know of.

• An “Ain’t life a bitch!” bath hat given to the Queen by Harry (according to The Daily Express)

• A pepper mill with a light on it given to Prince Philip (according to McGrady)

• A white leather toilet seat given to Prince Charles by Princess Anne (according to royal biographer Brian Hoey)

• A grow-you-own-girlfriend kit given to Harry by Kate (according to royal writer Katie Nicholl in Kate: The Future Queen)

• Hand-made fishing flies given to Philip by Kate (according to The Guardian)

• Homemade strawberry and plum preserves given to a few lucky people by Kate (according to Vanity Fair)

• A beanie given to William by Kate (according to The Guardian)

• Winnie the Pooh-themed china set given to a young Prince William (according to McGrady)