Everyone Has a Theory About the New Royal Baby Outside St. Mary's Hospital

Tourists, journalists and royal fans weigh in on the arrival – and gender – of the new baby

Photo: Matt Dunham/AP

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As excitement grows outside St. Mary s Hospital in London, Ladbrokes, one of Britain’s biggest bookmakers is now putting 4/1 odds on a royal birth not this weekend but on Wednesday, April 29, the couple’s fourth anniversary.

Another bookmaker, William Hill, is offering just 5/1 that the royal baby will be born Sunday, as the date slowly gets pushed back.

Meanwhile, 77% of the betting is on a baby girl – a fact that doesn’t surprise Kathy Martin, 52, an Australian who’s been camping outside the hospital since Wednesday.

“The signs are that it’s a girl,” she says. “I made this collage with a miniature blue onesie and a pink onesie on Monday, and all day long the blue onesie kept falling off even though I had glued it on. The pink one stayed on perfectly.”

That wasn’t all. Martin experienced a second sign when a blue balloon she had tied up next to a pink one loosened itself and took off.

“It just floated away!” she says, excitedly. But, she adds, more seriously,”if it’s a boy I really don’t mind. It’ll be a nice playdate for George. All I hope is it’s a healthy baby, isn’t that what we all want?”

Last night Japanese journalist Dennis Hirata, 25, slept next to Martin and other fans. (“He was very cold when he woke up,” she says.) The Japanese, apparently, would love a girl. “Because of its economic effect,” says Hirata, a FUJI-TV features writer.

“Japan is particularly interested in Kate s fashion. It sells out really quickly. Seraphine, the maternity store [Kate favors], opened up in Japan in the last six months.”

There are also some cultural similarities between the two countries – namely a love of formality and royalty.

“The royal family is very familiar to us because we have one also,” says Etsuyo Kawamura, 36, a Japanese journalist who’s been coming to the hospital for four days. “We have a loyalty to them.”

Girl or boy: It won’t be long before we find out, says Terry Hutt, 80, a British man who’s been camping since Monday.

“I’ve seen the signs,” says Hutt, a veteran of royal baby camp-outs. “They’ve been disinfecting the road, two vehicles are practicing driving up and turning around, they’ve checked the [garbage] bins and they’ve had the sniffer dogs out. The last thing that they have to do now, and that’s when we’ll know, is polish the [brass] finger plates on the street doors to the Lindo Wing.”

As hardy fans face the possibility of another night sleeping on the pavement, they’re certainly keeping an eye on those finger plates.

Is Princess Kate Having a Baby Girl?

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