Making the drive from Kensington Palace to St. Mary's Hospital, the princess arrived undetected by 6 a.m.

By Simon Perry
Updated May 02, 2015 04:05 AM
Credit: Lia Toby/WENN

Arriving under cover of darkness in the early morning hours on Saturday, the world’s most famous laboring mom slipped into the hospital undetected.

Princess Kate and Prince William were delivered to a side door of St. Mary’s Hospital in London at 6 a.m. after the short drive from Kensington Palace. Their small coterie included a security detail who handled the driving.

After announcing the news that Kate had safely arrived at the Lindo Wing on its official Twitter account, a palace spokesperson told PEOPLE her labor was “progressing normally.”

To avoid drawing attention on the ride over, the cars may not have been the typical royal vehicles of Range Rovers and Jaguars. When Kate and William made the same drive for firstborn Prince George’s birth in 2013, they used a family-style van and a saloon car.

Inside the hospital’s private Lindo Wing, obstetrician Guy Thorpe-Beeston and his carefully assembled team of doctors and midwives were ready – as they have been on alert for several days.

Kate, 33, and William, 32, “certainly didn’t come in through the front door,” a royal source says – rather, they likely took one of the side entrances in a plan that had been meticulously worked out by royal detectives.

Back at Kensington Palace, 21-month-old George was sleeping soundly while being looked after by nanny Maria Borrallo, PEOPLE understands.

Within minutes of Kensington Palace’s tweet announcing the news of Kate’s labor, journalists started arriving in the chilly 43º Fahrenheit temperatures of a spring morning.

“I’m so so happy for her,” said Maria Scott, who was camped outside the hospital. “Hope everything goes well for a healthy mother, healthy baby.”

“When I saw the two policemen outside the Lindo Wing I knew she was in.”

And 80-year-old Terry Hutt, who has been camping outside the hospital for nearly two weeks, tells PEOPLE, “I can’t believe it’s happening!”

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