Two top British betting firms report a new surge in Charlotte as the royal baby's name

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Forget about Princess Alice, we may be preparing for a Princess Charlotte.

London bookmakers report a new surge in bets this week, with people putting their money on the royal baby being girl named Charlotte, not Alice.

“This gamble on Charlotte has taken us all by surprise,” betting firm William Hall spokesman Rupert Adams said in a statement. “As in the last 24 hours, 90 percent of the wagers have been for Charlotte. Someone could easily have let something slip.”

There have been several noteworthy Charlottes in English royal history. The most famous perhaps is Princess Charlotte of Wales, the publicly beloved daughter of King George IV, who would have become queen of the United Kingdom if she had not died in childbirth in 1817. (Her death would eventually pave the way for Queen Victoria.)

Other royal Charlottes include Queen Charlotte, the consort of King George III and their eldest daughter, Charlotte Princess Royal.

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Odds are also 5/2 that the baby will be born on Friday, May 1, according to William Hill.

Similarly, bookmaker Ladbrokes also reports an increase in bets on Charlotte during the last 48 hours. Odds are now cut to 7/2 for Charlotte, from 6/1. The odds for Alice have drifted to 6/4, whereas the odds for James are a distant 16/1.

Ladbrokes also report odds of 5/2 for a May 1st birth.

“Unfortunately, time is running out for an April baby, leaving the bookies as the only people celebrating a May birth,” says spokeswoman Jessica Bridge.

For the boys, Arthur is the new top name for Ladbrokes at 12/, followed by James at 16/1 and Henry (Prince Harry‘s real name) at 25/1.

Over at William Hill James at 20/1 is the leading contender.

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