The Oscar winner gushes about meeting the "really nice" Duchess

Credit: Tim Rooke/Rex USA

Even A-Listers can get star-struck.

Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon said she was so nervous about the prospect of meeting the Duchess of Cambridge at a fundraiser that she couldn’t even decide what to wear.

“I must have tried on like six outfits,” Witherspoon, 35, tells Ellen DeGeneres in an interview to air Friday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “I m meeting a princess. You don t understand. You have to be wearing the right outfit and the whole thing. I don t know, maybe we can be friends.”

Witherspoon’s preparations for the event, which Prince William also attended, apparently prompted some teasing from the star’s husband, Jim Toth.

“My husband just thought I was so dorky,” said Witherspoon, whose new movie, This Means War, opens Friday.

“Whenever I am super excited about things, my husband calls it the double-barrel. That s when I smile so big I look like a child,” she said, as DeGeneres showed a picture of Witherspoon chatting with Middleton, with the actress beaming like a kid on Christmas.

Apparently the Duchess of Cambridge, 30, lived up to all of Witherspoon’s expectations.

“She was really nice,” Witherspoon told DeGeneres. “She was lovely. She s so composed. She seems like such a lady and I think it s so nice now days to see someone with such nice composure and carries herself so beautifully.”

As far as a budding friendship, Kate may be busy with social appearances and charity work, but Witherspoon isn’t discouraged.

“I would like to hang out,” the actress admitted. “I m not sure she wants to hang out with me. I could see that happening.”

“Call me,” she added. “Call me anytime.”