More than 500 gorgeous photos of the royal family are up for auction Thursday

Credit: Marcus Adams/Camera Press

More than 500 gorgeous photos of the royal family are up for auction Thursday.

The historic snaps, taken between 1926 and 1956 by royal photographer Marcus Adams, include a photo of a young Prince Charles (whose light locks resemble future grandson Prince George‘s!) and beautiful photos of Queen Elizabeth as a child with her younger sister, Princess Margaret.

The stunning portraits were found at the late photographer’s former country home. Adams along with his father, Walton, and son, Gilbert, were the pre-eminent royal photographers of their day and were frequently commissioned by George VI and Queen Elizabeth I to document their new family.

Buyers will be able to bid on individual lots, which contain between 100 and 250 photos. Each lot is expected to go for between $300 and $400.

“Marcus Adams was an artist photographer and this archive is an accumulation from three generations of Adams family artist-photographers,” auctioneer Chris Albury said. “Marcus was the middle generation and specialized in portraits of children of society figures and his reputation was assured when he began to photograph the baby Princess Elizabeth in 1926.

“He continued to do portraits of the growing Princess and her sister Margaret and later those of the new royal children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne. The hundreds of royal photographs form a wonderful series of up close and captivating portraits across four generations of British royal family life.”

The auction takes place on Thursday at Dominic Winter auction house in Gloucestershire.