The Queen of Jordan also shows off a breathtaking gift from "Your Majesty," her husband

Credit: Courtesy Queen Rania

Nothing says “happy anniversary” like the heart-eyes emoji – and a basket of breathtaking blooms.

On Wednesday, Jordan’s Queen Rania shared a beaming shot of herself holding a stunning bowl of pink flowers that husband King Abdullah gave her on their 22nd anniversary.

The very modern queen, 44, who calls herself a “mum and a wife who has a really cool day job” in her Instagram bio, also shared a romantic message with her 53-year-old husband, writing, “22 years on and my heart still skips a beat . . . So blessed to be at your side. Happy anniversary, Your Majesty.”

The mom of four recalled her own big day of joining “a venerable family” when she wrote for PEOPLE on the occasion of Prince William‘s wedding to the then-Kate Middleton in 2011.

“I might have looked like a serene bride in the photos, but that’s because for the journey there, I was largely immobile,” she remembered. “When my brother-in-law Prince Feisal picked me up in a vintage car, its ceiling was so low and my hair was so high, my head jammed and I couldn’t move my neck. ”

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And she said, “This life – of princess and then as queen – is not a path traveled by many.”

But as she does, she has embraced social media – like other royals – to forge a connection with her followers.

And that means sharing everyday mom moments alongside more formal snaps. “Throwback from last week . . . Exams are around the corner,” she Instagrammed last week as she stood at the desk of 10-year-old Prince Hashem.

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