She calls for a "holistic and cohesive policy" toward the crisis in a new interview with Sky News
Credit: Eric Piermont/AFP/Getty

Jordan’s Queen Rania says her country needs help with the "wave of refugees" from the war in neighboring Syria.

“This crisis has had an impact on us for coming up to five years now,” she told the British TV station Sky News. “It has really been an immense strain on our economy, on our public services, on our infrastructure, and it has really overwhelmed our capacity to cope with the issue.”

“We have had a wave of refugees coming into Jordan. To date we have 1.4 million Syrians in Jordan – 630,000 of them registered refugees,” said the mother of four. “That’s 20 percent of our population.”

An Eminent Advocate for UNICEF, the 45-year-old royal said coping with the migrant movement that has caused the crisis is a global problem.

“A consensus in Europe, a holistic and cohesive policy towards dealing with the refugees, will encourage other nations in the world to be part of the solution – and not silent bystanders to what is unfolding,” she said.

Rania’s plea comes after Princess Sofia of Sweden spoke earlier this month in South Africa about the plight of children caught in the crossfire of Middle East conflict.

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