On Twitter Friday, Rania shared a counter-cartoon, depicting what else Alan could have grown up to be: "A doctor, a teacher, a loving parent"

Credit: Lou Rocco/ABC/Getty

Jordan’s Queen Rania struck back on Friday against a controversial new Charlie Hebdo cartoon that featured young Alan Kurdi, the 3-year-old Syrian refugee who drowned while fleeing to Turkey with his family.

The cartoon, which depicted a man salaciously pursuing a woman, was captioned in French, roughly, “What would little Alan have grown up to be? A butt groper in Germany.”

The cartoon linked Kurdi’s death, which magnified the human toll of the migrant crisis in Europe, with a recent series of sexual assaults in Germany, which officials have reportedly said were carried out by men with “a North African or Arabic” appearance.

(One woman in the fray, however, told The New York Times she was rescued from it by a group of Syrians.)

The Hebdo cartoon has been “widely condemned,” including by members of Alan’s family, according to the BBC.

Others, according to the BBC, defended the cartoon as an attack on the very idea it appeared to express – that all immigrants are criminals.

On Twitter Friday, Rania, 45, shared a counter-cartoon, depicting what else Alan could have grown up to be.

“A doctor, a teacher, a loving parent,” she tweeted, along with a cartoon from cartoonist Osama Hajjaj.

Charlie Hebdo

‘s satirical, irreverent principles have left it no stranger to controversy. Its Alan Kurdi cartoon was published just one week after the one-year anniversary of the attack on its Paris office by Islamic extremists, who massacred its staff.