The queen was diagnosed with a minor concussion earlier this week
Credit: RVD/Patrick van Katwijk

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, 45, appeared in public on Friday for the first time since she was diagnosed earlier this week with a concussion.

The queen put her best foot forward to face the cameras at Villa Eikenhorst, where the gardens form the backdrop to the Dutch royal family’s annual summer photo shoot.

Maxima was joined by her husband King Willem-Alexander, 49, and the couple’s three daughters: The heir apparent Princess Catharina-Amalia, 12, Princess Alexia, 11, and Princess Ariane, 9.

On Monday, the queen had shown no signs of ill health as she welcomed a visiting Greek delegation on an official two-day trip to the Netherlands.

After the greeting ceremony, the queen attended the official lunch at Noordeinde Palace to welcome the Hellenic leader Prokopis Pavlopoulos, his wife Vlasi Pavlopoulou and their accompanying representatives.

But doctors ordered the queen to cancel further engagements and rest after she complained of headaches and discomfort.

They diagnosed Maxima with a mild concussion following her July 1 fall on or near the Royal De Horsten estate, 40 miles south-west of Amsterdam, in unexplained circumstances.

“She’s been suffering from concussion for five days,” King Willem-Alexander told reporters during a mid-week meeting with asylum seekers at the coastal town of Katwijk.

“She needs peace and quiet to make a speedy recovery,” he said.

Maxima’s unexplained fall is the latest in a chapter of accidents for the Argentine-born queen, who has campaigned tirelessly to improve third world women’s economic empowerment.

During her October 2015 visit to China, Maxima (who broke her leg on a prenuptial 2001 visit to Sweden) was taken ill and found to be harboring a kidney infection.

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Three months later her 88-year-old father Jorge Zorreguieta was hospitalized in his native Argentina after falling over in a bath at his rural holiday home.

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Then, in February, her middle daughter Princess Alexia broke her leg on the ski-slopes during the family’s annual winter jaunt to Austria.

Friday’s photo shoot marks the start of the Dutch Royal Family’s summer vacation. Maxima isn’t expected to step out again until her next official engagement, currently scheduled for Sept. 14.