The Dutch royal toured a museum beneath the clandestine church

By Caris Davis
Updated September 24, 2015 05:45 PM
Robin Utrecht/Abaca

Dutch Queen Méxima visited an unusual Catholic church in Amsterdam’s famous Red Light district earlier this week.

Maxima, 44, visited Our Lord in the Attic, built on the top three floors of a 17th-century canal house, after arriving Tuesday in pouring rain. The Argentine-born royal paired her baby blue dress with a single glove, worn on her left hand. (Courtiers offered no further details on the unusual fashion choice.)

The church, hidden from public view to evade contemporary laws prohibiting Catholics from worshipping in public, still holds a weekly mass for the local community.

The mom of three sounded a gong to celebrate the completion of a six-year, $12 million project to renovate a museum beneath the clandestine church – and re-open the house to the public.

As well as the church, Maxima, herself a Roman Catholic, visited traditional living quarters and two kitchens, taking in a new restaurant and store built for visitors.

The Queen was back at work after a summer vacation with her family.

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