The family was all smiles as their arrived at a Madrid hospital to visit King Juan Carlos

By Diana Pearl
April 09, 2018 12:28 PM

All appears to be well again in the Spanish royal family.

Queen Letizia and her mother-in-law, Queen Sofia, made headlines last week after an awkward interaction on Easter was caught on camera. But a week after their tense Easter exchange, the two queens were seen smiling together and posing photographs as they arrived at La Moraleja Hospital in Madrid to visit Queen Sofia’s husband, King Juan Carlos, who underwent a scheduled surgery on his knee on Saturday.

They arrived with Letizia and King Felipe‘s two daughters, Princess Leonor and Princess Sofia, who were hand-in-hand with their grandmother and matching in gray pants and trench coats.

Credit: Europa Press/Europa Press via Getty Images

The family’s interactions were in the spotlight last week after a video clip surfaced showcasing a tense moment between the family. In it, Queen Sofia put her arms around her granddaughters Leonor and Sofia, smiling for a photo. Then Letizia approached the trio and appeared to attempt to block the photographer’s view, as she and Sofia appeared to argue before Felipe joined them, seemingly to try to diffuse the situation. Leonor also pushed her grandmother’s arm off of her shoulder.

A second video from that same day shows Queen Sofia kissing Leonor on the head. Letizia then immediately wipes away the spot on Leonor’s head where she was kissed by her grandmother.

Credit: Europa Press/Europa Press via Getty Images
Credit: Europa Press/Europa Press via Getty Images

The tense videos have caused a stir on social media, with several remarking on how awkward the entire exchange appeared. Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, who is married to Queen Sofia’s nephew, Crown Prince Pavlos, even weighed in on the video, defending Sofia — before throwing a little shade at the situation. “No grandmother deserves that type of treatment!” she wrote on Twitter in response to the video. “Wow she’s shown her true colors.”

Credit: Europa Press/Europa Press via Getty Images

There have been reports of tension between Letizia and Sofia in the past, according to The Telegraph. The newspaper reports that their relationship soured after the release of a 2008 book about Sofia by author Pilar Urbano. Letizia was reportedly unhappy with some of the quotes that were attributed to her in the book, which the palace later said were presented “inexactly,” according to the New York Times. The Spanish newspaper El Confidencial reports that the mother and daughter-in-law pair had a good relationship in previous years.

On Saturday, the family arrived at the hospital in the same car, and Letizia opened her mother-in-law’s car door for her before heading to the entrance to pose for photographs. The surgery on Juan Carlos’s knee was successful, according to Royal Central.