Queen Elizabeth's Historic New Carriage Incorporates 1,000 Years of British History

The Diamond Jubilee stage coach was crafted as a time capsule with materials and items from Britain's history

Photo: Justin Tallis/Getty; Inset: Landov

Queen Elizabeth has historic new wheels.

The beloved British monarch, 88, will ride to the state opening of parliament in her Diamond Jubilee stagecoach that has been called a “living time capsule,” made with wood taken from the Tower of London, Henry VII’s warship, Sir Isaac Newton’s apple tree and the door of 10 Downing Street, the U.K.’s The Mirror reports.

The new carriage, created over the course of a decade by Australian Jim Frecklington from his team’s workshop in Sydney, is only the second one built for the royal family in 100 years.

“I wanted to create something very special to mark the Queen’s reign,” Frecklington told The Mirror. “Our present Queen will go down in history as one of the greatest monarchs that’s ever lived, and I thought something very special – a tangible item – should be produced.”

Special features on the historic coach, made from relics of l,000 years of British history, are door handles that contain 24 diamonds and 130 sapphires, hand-blown crystal lamps, and hand rails made from timber taken from the royal yacht Britannia. Other objects incorporated on the carriage’s design are connected to Charles Darwin, explorers Sir Ernest Shackleton and Robert Scott, and Sir Edmund Hillary, along with metals taken from a musket ball from the Battle of Waterloo.

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