The Queen is unlikely to be glued to the TV as "she is not a fame-chasing celebrity who would want to watch herself," says royals expert

Lovers of the royals may be transfixed by The Crown and its depiction of the early years of the marriage between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, but one person who likely won’t be glued to her TV is the subject herself.

Buckingham Palace won’t formally say whether or not the monarch, who celebrated her 69th wedding anniversary last week, has watched any of the show’s episodes, but royals author Robert Lacey, who is consultant to the show, tells PEOPLE: “I am sure she would not watch it. The Queen is so hugely respected precisely because she is not a fame-chasing celebrity who would want to watch herself on the telly,” he says. “But who knows?”

London, England. 20th November, 1947. Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) and Philip Mountbatten pictured leaving Westminster Abbey after their wedding ceremony.
Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip on their wedding day
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But some at the palace have been checking in on the show, which stars Claire Foy in the main role and Matt Smith as her husband. In fact, PEOPLE has learned that some of QEII’s inner circle have seen the 10-part series in private screenings and have given positive feedback to the program makers.

It remains a mystery whether they’ve passed on their reviews on to Her Majesty herself.

The Crown season 1is currently streaming on Netflix.