The beautifully-illustrated book tells the tale of the monarch's quest for the perfect crown to wear on her birthday

By Erin Hill
Updated March 30, 2016 07:00 PM
Credit: Royal Collection Trust/ Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2016, illustrations Kate Slater

Since ascending the throne at the age of 25, Queen Elizabeth‘s reign has been one for the books – and now, she’s the star of one!

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The Royal Collection Trust announced Wednesday that it is publishing a new children’s book in honor of the Queen’s upcoming milestone 90th birthday.

The beautifully-illustrated book, titled The Birthday Crown, costs around $14 and tells the tale of the monarch’s quest for the perfect crown to wear on her birthday.

Written by Davide Cali, the story begins with preparations for a big party at Buckingham Palace. All the details are in order – except for the right crown for the special day.

Everyone from the royal jewelers to the gardeners offer suggestions (fruit headpiece, bridge cage, disco ball!), but nothing seems to be the right fit. That is until Prince George steps in with the perfect solution: a hand-made crown (with hearts!) made by the 2-year-old prince himself.

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George isn’t the only young royal to make a cameo on the book.

Prince Charlotte, 11 months, also appears alongside her big brother in a lavender ensemble that resembles the precious outfit she wore in photos taken by mom Princess Kate last fall.

And while the prince’s hand-made crown was the perfect fit for the Queen, there’s no shortage of sparkling tiaras and crowns in the monarch’s glittering collection should she choose to wear one on her special day!