The Royal Navy has always played a special role in the monarch's life

Queen Elizabeth, the Navy wife, mother, daughter and granddaughter!

The monarch had a very special lunch aboard the HMS Sutherland to mark the 20th anniversary of the ship’s commissioning on October 23, 2017. The Queen, 91, met some of the ship’s personnel on the upper deck of the ship that is moored in the River Thames before taking lunch prepared by the Royal Navy chefs in the hangar.

The Royal Navy has always played a special role in the monarch’s life. Her grandfather, King George V, served until the unexpected death of his older brother in 1892 put him directly in line for the throne. Her father, King George VI, served in the Royal Navy during World War 1. Her husband, Prince Philip, served with the Mediterranean and Pacific fleets during World War II. And her sons Prince Charles and Prince Andrew also served in the Royal Navy.


The Queen and Philip first met at the Royal Naval College in July 1939, just before World War II broke out. She was just 13, and he was a dashing 18-year-old officer.

Credit: The Royal Family/Twitter

To commemorate the event, the palace shared a throwback photo of the then Princess Elizabeth alongside a dashing Prince Philip in his Royal Navy uniform alongside their young children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne. The photo was taken in the private living room of Clarence House in 1951.

Credit: The Royal Family/Twitter

Standing out in a striking jade coat and matching hat on Monday, the Queen took her place in a group photograph on the ship’s flight deck during the event.

The HMS Sutherland has spent much of the past 12 months being at what the Navy calls “very high readiness” — taking part in operations around the U.K. It was also tasked as the first Royal Navy escort for the new British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth when it went on its maiden voyage from Rosyth.