A new set of commemorative coins honors their royal love story

By Diana Pearl
October 25, 2017 01:50 PM

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are celebrating their 70th anniversary on Nov. 20 — which means a new commemorative coin from the Royal Mint is on the way! For a milestone this momentous, they’re not just releasing one coin but rather an entire set designed with the couple in mind.

The Royal Mint

Of course, there’s the standard royal crest and crown coin, which reads “70 years of marriage” below the design.

The Royal Mint (2)

Then there’s the classic profile shot. And while the Queen’s face appears on countless coins throughout the U.K., this one is special because she’s joined by her husband’s profile, too.

But perhaps the sweetest coin design features Elizabeth and Philip riding horseback side-by-side, an acknowledgment of their shared love of horses. Around the edge, it reads, “Wedded love has joined them in happiness.”


It’s been a big year for the royal couple: Philip officially retired from royal duties in August after seven decades of public service with 780 different organizations. (The Royal Mint released a coin for that occasion, too.) Though he’s technically “off the clock,” he may still choose to accompany his wife to engagements from time to time.

The commemorative coins come in gold proof, fine silver, silver proof and brilliant uncirculated and cost anywhere from £5 ($6.58) to £20 ($26.32).