Courtesy Michael Fitch
July 11, 2013 01:15 PM

Expect 7-year-old Jessica Fitch to go far.

Thursday afternoon, she persuaded no less than Queen Elizabeth to pose with her and her teddy bear during a walk through Buckingham Palace Gardens.

Then the child got Prince Charles and Camilla to do the same.

Jessica was with her parents Michael and Heather, bringing her bear mascot from her Brownie group – and hoping for a royal sighting and getting a snapshot of it with the Queen. As luck had it, she was able to do just that.

Said her mother, Heather Fitch, 39: “She has no fear at all She was bold. She went right up to her.”

Jessica’s father Michael tells PEOPLE, “We brought Bertie Bear with us hoping to get a shot of him and Jessica with the Queen.”

Providing further details of the encounter with Her Majesty, Michael said, “We’d been trying all day to find her and when she passed I asked, ‘Ma’am, would you mind if we took a picture with Bertie bear from our Brownie group?’ It was lovely of her to stop.”

“I was a bit nervous,” admitted an overwhelmed Jessica, who attends a Brownie group at a Bethesda Methodist Church in Cheltenham, Gloucester.

But as the young girl also said, “She was lovely.”

Aside from meeting Bertie Bear, Camilla also met Andrew Love, deputy chairman of the Ritz, and his wife Amanda.

Amanda told the Duchess, “I bet you are on tenterhooks waiting for the birth.”

Camilla then replied, “Yes, we are very excited. Immensely looking forward to it and waiting for the phone call.”

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