Queen Elizabeth Knights 100-Year-Old Captain Tom Moore After Princess Beatrice's Surprise Wedding

The ceremony marked the Queen's first face-to-face duty since the start of the pandemic lockdown

Queen Elizabeth is back on duty!

On Friday, the Queen performed her first face-to-face engagement since the pandemic lockdown began in mid-March — a knighthood ceremony for Captain Sir Thomas Moore, 100, on the grassy grounds of Windsor Castle.

The Queen, 94, in robin's egg blue, conducted the ceremony on the lawn of the castle's quadrangle. Moore leaned against his walker as several of his family members stood alongside.

Using a sword that belonged to her father, King George VI, the Queen walked about eight paces to stand before Moore and touch both his shoulders with the blade.

The Queen Confers The Honour Of Knighthood On Captain Sir Thomas Moore
Queen Elizabeth and Captain Tom Moore. Chris Jackson/Getty Images
The Queen Confers The Honour Of Knighthood On Captain Sir Thomas Moore
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

WWII veteran Moore was honored for raising more than $40 million for the U.K.'s National Health Service (NHS) amid the coronavirus lockdown by walking 100 laps in his backyard garden.

The sunny day was made all the more memorable for the Queen, whose granddaughter Princess Beatrice had wed at a nearby chapel earlier that morning.

Earlier this week, the palace confirmed the event in a simple statement, which read: “On Friday 17th July 2020, Her Majesty The Queen will confer the Honour of Knighthood on Captain Sir Thomas Moore at an Investiture at Windsor Castle. Captain Sir Thomas Moore will be accompanied by members of his family."

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