Don't Believe the Twitter Hoax that the Queen Is Dead

A hoax account sent Twitter into a frenzy this afternoon

Britain's Queen Elizabeth smiles as she attends a dinner at the Corinthia Palace Hotel - Malta
Photo: Toby Melville/PA/ABACA

Don’t worry, 2016 hasn’t dealt us another blow — but fake news has. Queen Elizabeth II is alive and well.

In one of the cruelest tweets of the year, a fake BBC account posted a fraudulent announcement today that Queen Elizabeth II was dead.


The now-suspended twitter account — @BBCNewsUKI — was posing as the British broadcast network’s account, @BBCNewsUK. Unfortunately, due to the similarity in looks between the faux BBC account and the real one the inaccurate tweet sent many into an online frenzy.

Many have been worried about the Queen’s health over the past week, as she missed the annual Christmas church service at Sandringham for the first time in decades this past weekend due to a heavy cold. That worry meant that all thoughts of fake news flew from many heads when they saw a tweet confirm their worst fears.

Others, however, weren’t so convinced.

But just remember: Fake news is prevalent nowadays, and the verified mark is there for a reason.

Now please, Your Majesty, drink your fluids and rest up. Clearly, the world isn’t prepared to handle your death.

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