Have a knack for caring for irreplaceable paintings?

By Diana Pearl
August 30, 2016 04:50 PM

In the market for a new job – and have high standards when it comes to living?

The Queen has the role for you!

Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Household office is advertising for a new live-in housekeeper to come join her staff at Buckingham Palace. Yes, that means that you and the Queen will share a mailing address.

And the residency requirement isn’t the only perk of the job. Other responsibilities include caring for some of the royal family’s most expensive items, including cleaning and looking after “historic vases and irreplaceable paintings.”

The housekeeper will also be on hand to “take care of guests and support special events,” which means you might get to take David Beckham’s coat or open the door for Prince Harry.

You also have to feel “house proud” about the property you’re looking after, which shouldn’t be too difficult.

Despite the high standards of the position – the word irreplaceable is being used here, the pay isn’t amazing: £ 16,755 a year (nearly $ 22,000), according to the job listing, plus a 15 percent employer contributions to a pension plan and benefits. The pay, the listing says, has been modified to accommodate the fact that room and board are included.

Buckingham Palace
Pawel Libera/LightRocket via Getty Images

If housekeeping isn’t your forte, no worries: They’re also hiring a groundsperson, secretary and operations surveyor over at the palace.

However, since the job does come with the chance to live at Buckingham Palace and have all your meals prepared by palace chefs, we’d say you should consider the entire gig pretty priceless.