July 14, 2016 11:40 AM

Queen Elizabeth, pub-goer?

The monarch surprised diners in a Scottish pub when she popped in for a meal while she was staying in Edinburgh.

The Queen, 90, and two guests dined at the historic Sheep Heid Inn (the oldest pub in Scotland) in Duddingston last Friday.

The monarch was staying at her official residence in Scotland, Holyroodhouse, which is about three miles from the pub. Earlier in the day, she visited the racecourse at Musselburgh on the outskirts of the city as part of the track’s 200th birthday celebrations.

The 650-year-old pub (“Heid” means “Head” in the Scots language) said they could not comment on the dinner, and a Buckingham Palace spokesman told PEOPLE that the “Queen spent the evening privately.”

But it is reported that the Queen and her companions ordered main courses of two portions of lamb (served with asparagus, chorizo, peas, baby onions, dauphinoise potatoes and jus) and one filet of sea bass which normally comes with mashed potatoes, green vegetables, brown shrimp and Devon crab sauce.

The Queen rarely slips away for a night out, but when she does, it hardly ever becomes public.

In March, she and husband Prince Philip and some friends dined out at a Mayfair restaurant to mark the birthday of an old friend.

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During her memorable visit to the Scottish capital, she was given some fun gifts, including a silver Post-it note holder for her office desk.

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On Wednesday, she was back in London at Buckingham Palace to welcome Britain s new prime minister, Theresa May, after spending the morning with grandson Prince William at the new base for his air ambulance charity.

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