The Queen's Scottish Home Is Like a Time Capsule — Take a Peek Inside

Queen Elizabeth offered a rare glimpse inside her Scottish home — and it appears to be frozen in time!

Queen Elizabeth offered a rare glimpse inside her Scottish home — and it appears to be frozen in time!

The Royal Family’s Twitter account shared a photo of the Queen meeting Governor-General designate of Canada, Madame Julie Payett, at Balmoral Castle in Scotland on Wednesday.

For more than 150 years, this Scottish castle has served as a private retreat for the British royals. In the highlands, the royals like to entertain friends, hold dances, picnic and go on shooting parties – all the while battling the nibbling little flies that stalk the heather-covered mountain sides.

But it’s not all play for the Queen while she’s away: She does continue to work, reading her diplomatic papers in the famous “red boxes” that are delivered daily. She also meets with visiting foreign dignitaries and British politicians, such as the Prime Minister, who heads up once a year. And then there is the family who will pop up at various times during the long summer days.

The Queen was dressed in her Scottish best — a tartan skirt, red blouse and cardigan — for her meeting on Wednesday, but it wasn’t her outfit that was the star of the photograph.

The highlight of this picture is a peek inside the Queen’s Scottish home, where she spends each August and part of September. And the room appears as if it hasn’t been touched in decades.

See the evidence below.

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1. She has well-worn chairs.
We can only imagine the royals and dignitaries who have had the pleasure of sinking into one of these comfy-looking armchairs.

2. She has a lot of books.
The Queen has shelves upon shelves of leather-bound books. (Imagine spending an afternoon curled up with one of them in those chairs!)

3. She has a space heater.
What better way to make a cozy room all the more cozy?

4. The old mantel clock.
She’s a literal Queen, so you know her antique collection is seriously impressive.

5. A ship in a bottle.
What can be more nostalgic and classic than this nautical decor?

6. A TV.
Looks like she has made at least one update to the room — because even the Queen has to get her binge watch on. Maybe she’s watching The Crown?

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