June 13, 2017 12:35 PM

Before Queen Elizabeth became the monarch, she was still just as glamorous!

A new documentary, Royal Journey, premiering on BritBox, follows the then 25-year-old Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip‘s official visit to Canada and the United States, over the course of five weeks in the fall of 1951 — including her dressed-to-the-nines stop at the Winnipeg ballet.

In an exclusive clip, the young royal looks elegant and regal in a yellow lace dress, fur wrap and glittering tiara. She enters the theater ahead of the performance alongside Prince Philip, who wore a tuxedo for the occasion. The royal couple is welcomed with a standing ovation, while a little dancer presents the princess with a bouquet of flowers.

Courtesy Royal Journey/BritBox

During the visit, the future queen and Prince Philip visited Winnipeg during their first official visit to Canada. Elizabeth’s father, King George VI, died just a few months after her North American tour in February 1952.

Royal Journey follows the rest of their visit, including stops in Quebec City, Toronto and Montreal during their 33-days tour of Canada. They then traveled on a train through the Rocky Mountains before hoping a flight to meet with President Harry Truman at the White House in Washington, D.C. It was the first-ever royal visit where the royals traveled by plane, rather than by boat.

After the tour finished, the future Queen spoke of the welcoming nature of the Canadian people and how much she admired them.

“I am sure that nowhere under the sun could one find a land more full of hope, of happiness and of fine, loyal, generous-hearted people,” she said.

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Royal Journey is available to watch on BritBox, a streaming service from BBC Worldwide and ITV. BritBox is celebrating the Queen’s official birthday — June 17, the date of Trooping the Color — by rolling out a week’s worth of Queen-themed content, including A Queen is Crowned, a full-color video capture of her 1953 coronation, and A Jubilee Tribute to The Queen by The Prince of Wales, a documentary featuring Prince Charles discussing his mother and his favorite memories of her.

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