"Early on I suffered enormous cyber abuse," the royal mom said in a podcast this week

By Caris Davis
Updated February 02, 2017 11:36 AM
Jessica Gow/TT/Kod 10070

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia are tackling the issue of cyber-bullying.

During a podcast this week, Sofia — who is a mom to 10-month-old son Prince Alexander— revealed that recent trolling incidents in her own life helped her understand the issue.

“I know the difference from before I met Carl Philip and after our relationship became public,” the Swedish royal, 32, told a new podcast launched this week on behalf of the foundation she runs with her husband.

“Early on I suffered enormous cyber abuse,” said the former reality TV star. “It was a bit like walking into a wall.”

The princess admitted that when her royal romance first went public in 2010, she hadn’t learned to filter out negative comments.

“It hit me very hard,” she said. “But the experience has helped me understand what young people are exposed to daily.”

Princess Sofia said she was on the receiving of “so much hate” that she shut down her Facebook page and other social media outlets she had created before her 2015 wedding to Prince Carl Philip.

But she recognized that her solution might not always be practical for today’s youth.

“It’s difficult to know what can you do? Who should you talk to?” she said.

Meanwhile, Prince Carl Philip, 37, said that after he fumbled a link on live TV at a Swedish sports sala he had experienced näthat (net hate).

“I got a huge amount of comments and some threats,” he said. “It can be hard to turn the volume down.”

But it is vital to keep a sense of perspective, he added.

“After our wedding people made some very very nice comments, including some compliments about us as a team,” the prince said.

“That’s one reason why we stand here together to face this particular issue. We are a good team and we will make a difference,” he said. “It’s easier to write something nasty comment than to write something

positive. But while näthat is real, so is nätkärlek (net love).”