Let the royal nesting begin!

By Caris Davis
Updated January 04, 2016 02:40 PM
Alva Lennwall/Instagram

Let the royal nesting begin!

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia were spotted baby shopping on Saturday. The royals are expecting the arrival of their first child in April.

The couple, half of Sweden’s recent royal baby boom, have been keeping a low profile since attending a Christmas concert in Stockholm on December 21, where Princess Sofia looked radiant as she gave the world a first look at her new, slightly shorter hairstyle.

The royal parents-to-be, who stayed out of the spotlight during the holiday season, are thought to have been enjoying some quiet time together – away from the public eye – on a babymoon.

And it doesn’t get much more out of the way than ngelholm, a small town (population 39,612) more than 330 miles south west of Stockholm, in Sk ne County, Sweden’s most southerly point.

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Even though the royals were in casual mode – Sofia in a long, grey belted sweater with jeans and Carl Philip in a dark pullover and jacket – that didn’t stop the dressed-down royals from being noticed!

Local resident Alva Lennwall, 19, was also shopping at Baby V where she and her mom planned to check out children’s car seats for a friend – when she spotted the couple, she told Expressen.

“I was totally shocked,” Lennwall said of her royal encounter. “I couldn’t believe that it was really them. But then I recognized Sofia and thought, ‘My goodness!’ ”

“I went back and asked nicely if I could take a picture with them. First Sofia said ‘Yes, absolutely.’ Then she looked at the prince who said, ‘Absolutely yes!’ ”

The teen’s mom took the snapshot, which Lennwall then posted to Instagram.

Lennwall said they didn’t chat afterwards, but that they both seemed in a good mood.

“I have no idea what they bought. But I saw that they were looking at a baby stroller. They were just looking around, I think,” Lennwall said.

Baby V store owner Veronica Helgesson said the royal babymooners didn’t leave empty-handed.

“They bought something,” Helgesson confirmed, although she declined to reveal any other details.

“It was really nice,” she said. “Surprising – but very nice to see them both.”