Source Olympia Greece/Instagram
March 24, 2016 04:10 PM

Spring break is typically synonymous with crowded beaches, jam-packed hotel rooms and cheap beer – or your parents’ couch.

But when a royal goes on spring break, it’s taken up a notch.

Especially if you’re Princess Olympia of Greece, a freshman at New York University who is vacationing on Harbor Island in the Bahamas with her family.

Olympia, the daughter of Pavlos and Marie-Chantal, the Crown Prince and Princess of Greece, hit the beach with her mom and two younger brothers, Aristidis and Odysseas.

Like any good college student would, she’s been documenting her envy-worthy poolside jaunts on Instagram. Because no matter whether you’ve got royal blood or not, everyone knows no spring break is complete without a few soulful beach snaps – which Olympia happily provided of her beach getaway.

Odysseas also looks pretty at peace on the beach in a photo shared by his big sister.

“Future heartbreaker,” she captioned the photo.

Instagramming from the Bahamas is a family trait – Marie-Chantal also has been snapping throughout their vacation.

Aristidis was soaking up the sun – and he and his brother met the locals.

The tropical locale isn’t just for spring break spot for the family. They’re frequent visitors to the Bahamas – they spent Christmas last year, and New Years Eve in 2014 there too.

Beats Netflix and your parents’ house any day.

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