The little princess is about to be a big sister — again!

By Caris Davis
February 20, 2018 02:15 PM
Princess Leonore in her 4th birhtday portrait.
Erika Gerdemark Royal Court, Sweden

Princess Leonore is turning 4!

The little princess is spending her birthday in Sweden — her family flew into Stockholm from their London home last week — and the Swedish palace released two new portraits to honor her special day.

Lenore is already a big sister to 2-year-old Prince Nicolas, and their mom, Princess Madeleine, is due with a new baby in March.

Princess Leonore in her 4th birthday portrait.
Erika Gerdemark Royal Court, Sweden

The young royal siblings often give their parents sleepless nights, according to their father, Princess Madeleine’s husband, Chris O’Neill.

“They’ll always come into our bedroom at three in the morning because they had a nightmare or something,” O’Neill told the Swedish magazine King earlier this month. “But that kind of closeness is what I love, it’s one of life’s greatest joys.

“Having two [children] is less than twice as hard [as having one], but what happens with a third remains to be seen,” he added.

O’Neill credits Princess Leonore and Prince Nicolas with transforming him into “a totally different person today than I was three years ago.”

“I try to play with the kids as much as possible,” said O’Neill, who works in the energy payment sector in London. “I think it’s important, in this era of smart phones and iPads, to play games together.”

But he acknowledged that he doesn’t always give his kids as much time he’d ideally like to.

“Bottom line is that if I’m not in the office or sitting and staring at a screen, I’m often on the phone. Dealing with children’s outburst at the same time can be tricky,” O’Neill said.

“But it’s a situation that’s the same for all working parents,” he said.