Kate chatted with parents and children – and picked up potty-training book for George

By Simon Perry
Updated March 19, 2015 08:45 AM
Rex Features/Startraks

Like a princess out of a fairytale, Kate delighted moms and children alike during her visit to a south London children’s center on Wednesday.

As she prepares to welcome baby no. 2 in late April, the 33-year-old met privately with a group of young moms who have been helped by the Home-Start charity at the Brookhill Children’s Centre in Woolwich.

One mother of triplets spoke candidly with the 8-months-pregnant royal about the daily challenges that she faced. “Later on, [Kate] met the volunteer who had given that mom so much support over six months or more,” the charity’s chief executive Rob Parkinson tells PEOPLE.

He adds: “She got a sense from the mom about how tough it had been bringing up three kids at the same time, and the wonderful contribution that volunteer had made.

“And then she was able to speak to that volunteer and say ‘thank you for such an incredible job you have done.’ That interaction – and it happened many other times – was typical.”

Recently, Kate has devoted much of her time to helping vulnerable children and families in need. Parkinson tells PEOPLE that Kate is “genuinely concerned to see better outcomes for families and kids through this kind of work.”

“She sprinkled a kind of magic dust on people,” he says. “And whether you are a member of staff or a volunteer or a family, you feel more valued as a result of the visit than you might have done before.”

Kate didn’t go home empty-handed, either. She was given flowers and gifts for son Prince George by a woman who was formerly part of a “supported family” and is now a volunteer for Home-Start.

Marvellous Nyanhi, 35, tells PEOPLE that she and her son Tinashe, 3, gave the royal a potty-training book for boys, a manual on how to teach kids to tie their shoelaces and a book on Elmer the Elephant.

“Oh that’s perfect,” Kate said, laughing as she took the potty training book.

Says Nyanhi: “She’s just a lovely woman.”