There's no better way to show that you're in touch with everyday people than flying with them

By Diana Pearl
October 12, 2016 06:10 PM

Think marrying into royalty means your days of flying commercial are over?

Think again.

After her day in The Netherlands, visiting Rotterdam and The Hague, Princess Kate headed back to London on a British Airways flight — and gave her fellow passengers a surprise even better than a second bag of pretzels.

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Looking chic in a pale blue Catherine Walker skirt suit (and, we have to imagine, a bit more dressed up than the rest of the flight’s passengers), Kate had a quick word with a member of the flight crew before taking her seat near the front of the plane.

The rest of those on board, of course, couldn’t resist snapping a photo or two of the royal.

This isn’t the first time a royal has flown with the public: Back in 2011, Prince William and Kate flew from Los Angeles to London on British Airways, and during their 2014 N.Y.C. trip, Will jetted down to Washington D.C. on a commercial flight, too.

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And although she’s clearly down to travel like the rest of us, Kate’s royal status does get her out of one irritating plane ritual: Waiting in line at customs and avoiding the dreaded disembarking process. There was reportedly a car waiting for the royal on the tarmac, and the other passengers did not leave the plane until she did.

Now that‘s a flying perk you need a title for.