'Game On!' Princess Kate, Prince William and Prince Harry Make It a Royal Rugby Night

The trio were the guests of honor at the start of the Rugby World Cup in England

Photo: Paul Gilham/Getty

Don’t know the first thing about rugby? No worries: Royals fans will see plenty of action on the sidelines, between sweet PDA, sibling rivalry and the ultimate sports fan of many faces, Princess Kate.

Kate (in a royal blue Reiss coat and yes, bangs), Prince William and Prince Harry are set for more than a month of sports fandom, both from the stands and from afar, as the Rugby World Cup kicks off Friday night in London.

The trio were the guests of honor as England played Fifi in the opening match at Twikenham Stadium. Harry, 31, served up a rousing speech as the Honorary President of England 2015 championships. He is also Vice-Patron of the governing body of the sport in England, the Rugby Football Union.

“Across the country, regardless of age, background or beliefs, this nation, which gave rugby to the world in 1823, will join together and celebrate the game like never before,” Harry, who wore a blue suit and light blue tie and was introduced as “Prince Henry of Wales,” said to cheers.

“In six weeks’ time, one team will take its place in history. It’s up to every one of us to raise the roof on each match in this unforgettable journey,” the bearded prince – who also appeared in a brief video about the sport before the game commenced – said before concluding, “Game on!”

His brother William, 33, is Vice Royal Patron of the Welsh Rugby Union, making for a rivalry when the two nations meet in London on September 26.

William, likely with Kate alongside him, will attend some of the Wales games, and is set to be at the welcome party for the Welsh team on Monday.

Superfan Harry, who celebrated his 31st birthday Tuesday, hopes to attend many of the matches. He spoke of his passion for the sport at the official welcome party Thursday, adding ” I have no doubt that all the highs and lows, the drama and tension, will create unforgettable memories.”

On the charitable side, he has been behind a legacy project to use the championships as an inspiration for more young people to play the game. In a video message released last week, he praised the uptake in kids to the sport.

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