Shulman featured Princess Kate on the cover of the magazine's 100 year anniversary issue

By Diana Pearl
October 28, 2016 03:58 PM
Josh Olins

She may be a fashion icon, but Princess Kate wants people to remember that she’s so much more than her clothes.

British Vogue editor-in-chief Alexandra Shulman, who featured Kate on the cover of the magazine’s centenary issue for this year’s June issue, revealed as much during an interview this week.

Kate’s first-ever posed magazine cover didn’t showcase the royal in a couture gown or even a tiara. Instead, she sported a more casual look: A suede jacket from Burberry, a white button-down shirt and a vintage hat. This vision, Shulman says, was very much Kate’s.

“I can’t really speak for her, but in my experience, I think it was very much her feeling that she wanted to be what she felt she was comfortable with being,” Shulman said during a visit to the U.K.’s Lorraine show

Josh Olins
Josh Olins

In fact, she said Kate hoped to convey that message through her fashion selections for the Vogue cover shoot.

“She is not a clothes horse,” Shulman said. “The idea that she is a kind of silent mannequin that just wants to put on expensive clothes is so not what she is. And I think she wanted this cover to reflect that.”

Shulman also shared that it wasn’t the first time she had asked Kate to pose for the cover. She said the royal’s reluctance may have stemmed from her desire to be as seen as more than what she wears.

“I had certainly asked her before,” she said. “It was only when I was writing to her saying: ‘It’s our centenary, it’s our 100 years of Vogue and we do have kind of a history of being able to feature the royal family’ that I realized we had another connection. It ticked the box and yes, it happened. It was the best news when I heard she was going to be on the cover.”