Princess Kate Is Bad at This 'One' Thing, Proves She's Human

"I can't educate her, she's not interested," William said of his wife during the last stop of their busy day in Scotland


After a heavy day of tackling serious issues, Princess Kate and Prince William let down their royal hair and had some fun.

Visiting Abertay University during their busy trip to Dundee, Scotland, on Friday, they met the winners of a computer game design competition – and even tried out the games themselves.

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William issued a mock-evil “ha-ha” as he scored early on, while Kate was more reluctant to grab the controls. “I have a lot to learn,” she said.

“I can’t educate her, she’s not interested,” William replied.

And after his wife had teased him – “Come on, William!” – she took over. “You got one,” he encouraged as she navigated her way through.

Camylle Tuliao, tells PEOPLE, “They were good for first timers. The Duchess needed a little bit of help.”

The U.K.-wide contest, backed by BAFTA, of which William, 33, is patron, puts game concept creators together with designers at the college, which offers world-class study in computer game design.

On a game created by Jack Reynolds, 16, William fared well. “He did as well as I did on my first go,” Reynolds says.

A quieter game was shown the couple toward the end of their visit. Based on an intricate William Morris floral print, “Strawberry Thief” is activated by striking fingers over the face of a tablet computer as insects gather berries.

Prince William said he could see how calm it was and that Kate would like it,” the game’s designer, Sophia George, 25, tells PEOPLE. “So that’s definitely made my day.”

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