Royal visit to the Natural History Museum
Credit: PA Images/Sipa

Princess Kate revealed that her son Prince George’s favorite dinosaur is the T-Rex – because it is big and loud!

She told youngsters at a tea party on Tuesday that her son loves volcanoes and daughter Princess Charlotte enjoys playdates with her older brother.

Kate, in a $460 dress by favorite British line L.K. Bennett, was talking to the kids as they celebrated a special dinosaur exhibit in London — ‘Dippy the Diplodocus.’

She had taken the short drive from Kensington Palace to the Natural History Museum, for the party where she joined the children for dino-inspired crafts and a mini fossil dig.

There, chatting with kids from Oakington Manor Primary School, in London, she asked them which was their favourite. Eduarda, 10, told reporters, “She said George likes the T Rex because he is the biggest and the loudest.”

Royal visit to the Natural History Museum
Credit: Yui Mok/PA Images via Getty

And Amani, 10, added, “She was asking us if we knew the story of Curious George [a monkey in a children’s book] and how he climbed up on the diplodocus. Everyone did.

“We asked her about her home lifestyle and her children. She said that Charlotte is very chatty and likes doing play dates with George. George is interested in dinosaurs and volcanoes.”

The kids’ school is one of 282 that is partnered by one of Kate’s mental health charities, Place2Be.

Place2Be, which has Kate as its patron, is the country’s leading children’s mental health charity providing in-school support and expert training to improve the emotional wellbeing of pupils, families, teachers and school staff.

Then, Kate joined the museum’s director Sir Michael Dixon to cut a celebratory cake to mark the send off for the plaster cast Diplodocus, which is set to be taken around the country in a tour to educate and inspire millions of other people.

He told reporters that Kate had paid private visits to the museum with the children. “George would have loved to come today.”

“She remarked on the fact that as her children get older she is going to have to mug up on the names of the dinosaurs. I said ‘Don’t worry, the children will make you do that.'”

“She is actually very knowledgeable on the natural world and passionate about oceans. She is a keen scuba diver. She is very, very keen to engage more with the museum and its collections.

“She has been behind the scenes on a number of occasions and talked to some of our researchers and seen quite a lot of our collection areas.”

Dippy arrived in London in 1905, and has been on show in Hintze Hall at the museum for nearly 40 years. It’s last day in the hall before the tour kicks off will be on January 4.

The prime spot at the entrance to the museum is being taken by a real skeleton of a 25.2 metre female blue whale, weighing 4.5 tonnes.