Welcome to Middletown! There's a Princess Kate-Inspired Café in Australia, and It's as Amazing as You'd Expect

Owner Randy Dhamanhuri says Kate is his "muse" for the café's crisp and classic vibe

Photo: Middletown Cafe; Inset: Samir Hussein/WireImage

Princess Kate fans may want to consider Melbourne, Australia, as their next vacation spot.

The city is home to the world’s first, and for now, only Princess Kate-inspired café and restaurant, Middletown Café.

With navy and white walls and marble tables, the elegant brunch spot serves up trendy, healthy menu offerings like paleo granola and chia seed pudding. (Coffee and waffles, too.)

Middletown’s owner, Randy Dhamanhuri, tells PEOPLE that Kate was his “muse” for the café’s direction due to her royal-but-relatable image.

Middletown Cafe

“She’s undoubtedly royal but has this humble persona,” Dhamanhuri says. “I think she’s the definition of timeless beauty and class in this modern age. Not just speaking of her look, but more so on how she carries herself in public.”

When decorating the café, Dhamanhuri turned to images and themes that reminded him of the royal mom.

“When we think of Kate, the color blue or navy always comes to mind,” he says. “We decided to use royal navy as the dominant color for the wall.”

Middletown also has diamond-shaped marble terrazzo tiles, which they placed in a pattern to resemble the look of Westminster Abbey, the church where Kate married Prince William in 2011. On the walls, there’s an illustration of a trench coat and Kate’s famous sapphire engagement ring.

“It’s a subtle hint to show that Kate ‘lives’ here, without putting her portrait,” Dhamanhuri says.

Middletown Cafe

The royal connection has drawn visitors, Dhamanhuri says, though he says the food and atmosphere keep them coming.

“People first come because they hear about a Kate Middleton-inspired cafe, but once we share our vision and story behind it, they actually appreciate it.”

Though Kate may spend most of her time on the other side of the world, Dhamanhuri hopes that one day she’ll stop by the café that she inspired.

He says: “That would be the dream.”

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