400 Eggs! 44 Lbs of Sugar! Inside Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank's Royal Wedding Cake

A spectacular five-tier wedding cake will be the stunning centerpiece at the luncheon reception to mark Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank's royal wedding on Friday

A spectacular five-tier wedding cake will be the stunning centerpiece at the luncheon reception to mark Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank‘s royal wedding on Friday.

Cake designer Sophie Cabot started baking the red velvet and chocolate creation at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday, and revealed it will contain up to 400 eggs, at least 53 packs of unsalted butter, 33 lbs. of organic self-rising flour and 44 lbs. of sugar.

Around 850 guests at the luncheon reception at Windsor Castle will feast on the confection, which will consist of three tiers of red velvet and two of chocolate sponge cake covered with butter cream, white icing and decorated with sugar work with an autumnal theme.

Other ingredients include vanilla essence, vanilla bean paste and red food coloring to give the cake a distinctive look.

Cabot, 33, told reporters she felt “very honored they have selected me” after she brought cake samples for the royal couple to try during their first meeting over the summer.

“The couple were very relaxed, very comfortable. I got the feeling the cake was something they were very excited about,” she said.

“It was a fun meeting as well because I don’t think it’s every day you have a meeting about cake and you get to try cake.”

The baker, whose business is based in Fulham, west London, said she “was nervous, but at the same time really, really excited,” about being chosen.

“They were very excited about having red velvet, during the tastings, red velvet and chocolate came out top.”

“It’s a lovely thing to have at this time of year as well – it’s a nice, rich cake.”


“Not one cake is ever the same and this was extra because of the time of year and they wanted to keep it so seasonal – it was a real joy.”

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Cabot started creating the cake in July, crafting the detailed sugar flowers and foliage, from ivy and acorns to white flowers and maple leaves, which will decorate the five-tiers of the cake.

“With such a big cake you need to start well in advance especially with all the sugar work, so it was important to get going quite quickly,” she said.

Cabot added: “There are a lot of eggs involved and a lot of butter, obviously, just for the sheer amount of people who hope to have a piece of cake.”


“It’s a lot of ingredients, it’s a huge scale, it’s a bit different for me. I’m used to baking on a much smaller scale – it’s a challenge,” she added.

Cabot was initially invited by the office of Eugenie’s father, Prince Andrew, to meet the couple and discuss their wedding cake over the summer after supplying decorated bespoke biscuits to one of the prince’s Pitch@Palace events for budding entrepreneurs.

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