Mommy and Me! Princess Estelle Twins with Princess Victoria in Their Most Regal Family Portrait Yet

Heirs to the throne!  

Heirs to the throne!

Princess Estelle poses alongside her grandfather, King Carl XVI Gustaf, and her mom, Crown Princess Victoria, in a regal new portrait released by Sweden’s Royal Palace this week.

The photo, which was taken on the day of the Nobel ceremonies on December 10 in Stockholm, was released to mark 200 years of rule by the Swedish royal family.

Emphasizing continuity, all three generations of the royal family are dressed in blue, with the king and his heir apparent both wear ceremonial sashes.

According to Bernadotte family tradition, 5-year-old Princess Estelle will be allowed to wear one of the family’s many tiaras, like her mom, when she turns 18. In the portrait, Victoria is wearing the stunning Swedish Aquamarine Kokoshnik Tiara.

H.M. Konung Carl XVI Gustaf / HM King Carl XVI Gustaf / H.K.H. Kronprinsessan Victoria / HRH Crown Princess Victoria / H.K.H. Prinsessan Estelle / HRH Princess Estelle
The Royal Court, Sweden

The king, who has been the monarch for 44 years, gave a speech to some 300 dignitaries who gathered together on Monday at Stockholm’s National Hall to celebrate two centuries of the Bernadotte dynasty’s reign.

“My wish is that the royal palace should be a living place, a place for conversation. A link between our history and our present,” he said. “I dare to believe that this would also have been my ancestor Karl XIV Johan’s wish too.”

Surprisingly, the founder of the dynasty, Karl XIV Johan, was not Swedish — but French. He was a successful marshall in the army of France’s then almost omnipotent kingmaker, the self-styled Emperor Napoleon.

Jean Baptiste Berndotte didn’t even speak Swedish, but came to the country’s throne after the country was in crisis in early 1818.

Sweden’s previous monarch, Karl XIII, had no natural heirs, and his successor, the Danish prince Christian August, suffered a sudden fatal stroke.

Bernadotte was rewarded for his service to Napoleon with the throne and changed his name to the more Swedish sounding Karl Johan.

His wife Désirée, a former fiancée of Napoleon, didn’t appreciate the nation’s cold, wet climate and lived in Paris for more than 12 years before moving to Scandinavia.

Nevertheless, the couple had a child together who inherited the monarchy on his father’s death in March 1844 as King Oscar I.

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