Princess Estelle shows off a sweet braid on a new Swedish stamp

By Caris Davis
March 17, 2016 03:35 PM
Anna-Lena Ahlstr m/The Royal Court of Sweden

When Sweden’s Prince Oscar made his entrance on the world stage earlier this month, 4-year-old Princess Estelle became a proud big sister – even if, as a source said, “she was a little disappointed that he had his eyes closed all the time and couldn’t see the drawings she had made.”

Of course, this is a big sis with a big future: She is also third-in-line to the nation’s throne.

New stamps, available in Sweden from March 17, show the young royal front and center with the heir apparent (her mom, Crown Princess Victoria) and Estelle’s grandfather, King Carl XVI Gustaf.

The new photo gives us a fresh look at the young princess, currently settling into life at her Haga Palace home as part of a young family of four.

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Previously, Princess Estelle has sported a child’s simple haircut. In her new portrait, she accessorizes with a sweet braid.

The 4-year-old wears a pink Marie Chantal dress and a winning smile in the picture, taken at Stockholm’s Royal Palace by court photographer Anna-Lena Ahlström.

The new stamp is one of three designed by Daniel Bjugard to commemorate King Carl XVI Gustaf s 70th birthday on April 30, along with his and Queen Silvia s Ruby Wedding Anniversary later this summer.