Charles Spencer will host a gala celebration honoring young leaders from around the world who have carried out humanitarian acts in the royal's name.

By Simon Perry
January 12, 2017 10:07 AM
David Levenson/Rex USA

Charles Spencer, the brother of the late Princess Diana, will host a gala celebration honoring young leaders from around the world who have carried out humanitarian acts in the royal’s name.

The June exhibit will take place at Diana’s ancestral home Althorp House, where she was laid to rest.

In a key event to help mark the 20th anniversary of the princess’s death, the Diana Award charity is looking for 20 young people around the world who are compassionate, kind and inspirational to their peers.

Her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, are expected to take part in events alongside the charity during this anniversary year. Diana died following a car crash in Paris in August 1997. William sympathized with grieving children during an event with Child Bereavement UK on Wednesday, telling them he was “angry” as he mourned his mother.

Charles and Karen Spencer at Althorp House
Simon Emmett/CLM

Spencer, who lives in the family home, Althorp House, and his wife Karen will host the gala fundraiser alongside an exhibition called “Walking in Her Shoes,” which will honor the young people who won one of the new Legacy Awards in June. The charity, which has created a website for the event, is also accepting nominations from potential candidates in the U.S. Nominations can be made here.

“Diana, Princess of Wales was known for her values of compassion, kindness and service to others,” the charity’s CEO, Tessy Ojo, said Thursday.

“We will recognize exceptional young people from across the world who not only demonstrate these characteristics and values but embody them.”

The princess’s brother is a key supporter of the award, telling PEOPLE last year that “as her brother, it’s just so wonderful that there are still so many positive things still stemming from her memory.

“The Diana Award to me is the absolute crux of it all because it’s taking it through the younger generation.”